Our Philosopy and Education


 We all have a choice in the way we respond to life.  Either we're positive or negative.  I choose positive every time!

Life really is too short to waste energy on the negative 'what-if' in life.  That's simply negative day-dreaming of all the possible problems that could happen, but rarely does. 

If you think it's ridiculous to be positive most of the time; it's no different than being negative (aka realistic) all the time.  It's just where your focus is, negative or positive. Let's face it.  It's next to impossible to be negative and simultaneously feel happy.  It's a contradiction. 

Negative connects with sadness and depression. Positivity lines up with happiness. Which emotion would you prefer to experience?  Me? Happiness. Positivity.  The upside is that positive emotions attracts good things, including people.  I'm all about helping people look inward and at their situation so they have hope and turn their happiness switch on.


Self employed for over 20 years. Educated at Durham College, Oshawa, ON Canada Advanced Business diploma majoring in Human Resources Management.  Certified in Adult Teaching and Dispute Resolution.  Learned ASL to teach English. Life Coach certification (Life Coach Training Institute IACC)

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