International Relations


THANK YOU! from the bottom of my heart for this warm, wonderful, and I would even say magnificent session with you! That's exactly how I felt after, MAGNIFICENT! ...I FEEL GREAT and ready to move forward. You gave me direction, free spirit and happy energy. You are absolutely a beautiful, sunny and very positive person." A.L. Geneva Switzerland 

Husband Caring for Wife (Alzhemeirs)


"First of all, I don't read books. However, if it wasn't so late I would have finished it in one sitting! Soooooooooooo easy to read. Your 'Mom & Al' approach is excellent as are the 'Lessons Learned'. I am taking your book to my next care-giver's support meeting!"  R. H

Caregiver for Father


"I'm reading your book and I want to cry, laugh all at the same time! Oh my God!!!. Hey, the tool box!, oh God the missing walker! Oh, the missing squash! Can't put the book down! Fantastic!"     V. K. Scarborough

Testimonials - Business Consultant & Organizer

Business Owner


  I run my electrical business out of my home. It was a disaster. I couldn't look at my desk without getting a migraine. Couldn't believe I could be so happy working in my office with awesome results!  J. U. Woodbridge

Inventory Analyst


  When Kim was finished, it felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. The room felt larger, the air lighter.   Thank you!  S.W. Vaughan

TCM Clinic Director


  "..wish that there was a way for me to keep her if not clone her."  D.A.

MD Psychiatry


 "...incredible lady's remarkable abilities...anyone lucky enough to utilize her services will be richly rewarded."  S.A.

RSW - Psychotherapist


 "...amazing and creative ideas.....upbeat and humourous."  G.D.

MD Pain Specialist


"Kim has a talent for appraisal of potential new staff..." D.S.